Van Van

Van Van is used as an extra ingredient in floor wash, accomplishing spiritual and physical cleansing at the same time, as an anointing oil for candle magick, to anoint or feed mojo bags for just about any purpose, and for a thousand and one other things. Because Van Van isn’t as specific an oil as many of the others that we produce, the results are not as strong, but this oil is a terrific all-around tool to have in your cupboard or on your shelf.

Put a few drops of Van Van into the soapy water you use to wash your floors or your furniture. Use it to anoint a white candle and burn it either in sections or all in one go when you need your luck to change, or some positive energy in your life. Van Van can be used to anoint your household icons, your doorknob, your computer, your threshold – anywhere you think a boost of positive magical energy might come in handy.