Steady Work

Carve a word or symbol that represents your goal into a green candle, and anoint it with Steady Work oil from base to tip. The oil should be applied with the wick end of the candle held towards you and the base away from you. This oil can be used in conjunction with other success, money, and job oils, and mixes particularly well with our Get AJob. The candle can be burned in one night, or marked into three, seven, or nine equal sections and burned each day or evening. The candle work will be most effective if it is lit for the first time on a Sunday, which is considered ruled by the Sun, or on a Thursday, considered to be ruled by Jupiter. Steady Work works best while the moon is waxing, but the oil will be effective at any point in the lunar cycle. 

Other uses: After a skin patch test, as mentioned above, you might rub your hands with the oil before logging on to job sites or electronically submitting job applications, or sending emails that might result in work. A dab of Steady Work on your laptop bag, your shoes, or your briefcase could give you a magical edge, as could carrying a piece of material with the oil on it in your pocket to an interview. Using the oil to anoint samples of your work sent to potential clients, or to anoint your resume or CV, has also proved effective.