Peaceful Home

Carve a short petition, or simply the names of the people in the home, into a white candle. Anoint the candle with Peaceful Home oil from base to tip, holding the wick towards your body and the base away from your body. You can either burn the candle in one night, focusing strongly on the tranquility of the home as you light the candle, or mark the candle into three, five, or seven equal sections and burn one section each consecutive night. Light the candle at about the same time each night with the same intention in mind, always pinching or snuffing the flame rather than blowing it out as it burns down to the next mark. When the candle is burned down as far as it can safely go, wrap the remnants in cloth and bury the bundle respectfully on the property of the home.  

Other uses: Put a drop or two of oil into a your wash water, when cleaning. If your skin has no reaction to a patch test, rub a bit of oil on your hands before handling anything in the common areas of the home.