Pay Up

Carve the name of the person or company that owes you money into a green candle, and anoint it with PayUp! oil from base to tip. The oil should be applied with the wick end of the candle held towards you and the base away from you, anointing the oil from base to tip to “draw” the money to you. To provide extra emphasis, you can place the candle holder on top of an invoice, court judgement, or other paper indicating who owest the money and how much is owed to you. The candle can be burned in one night, or marked into three, seven, or nine equal sections and burned each day or evening. If the money has not come to you by the time the candle burns down, bury the candle stub respectfully and start another. Burn a candle annointed with this oil every night until the money has come to you in full.
Pay Up! works best while the moon is waxing, but the oil will be effective at any point in the lunar cycle. The candle work will be most effective if it is lit for the first time on a Sunday, which is considered ruled by the Sun, or on a Thursday, considered to be ruled by Jupiter. 

Other uses: After a skin patch test, as mentioned above, you might rub your hands with a drop of oil before interacting with the person or people who owe money to you. If you’re using your computer to inquire about the status of the money owed to you, you can also use a tiny bit of oil on your hands before using the keyboard. When issuing a paper invoice, smudge a tiny bit of Pay Up! onto both the envelope and the invoice itself. If you’re calling about your money, dab a bit of oil onto your ear before you use the phone.