Money Drawing

The most effective time to use this oil is during a waxing moon, defined as the time between the new moon and the end of the waxing gibbous, not including the full moon.

Carve your petition – or even just your name – into each knob of a green seven knob candle and anoint it with Money Drawing oil. This can also be done with a standard green taper candle marked into seven equal sections. Pray or petition your deity or deities to provide you with income, to bless your business endeavors, and to assist you in finding work, if you need that. This oil can be used in conjunction with our Get A Job oil. These spells work best when they are as specific as possible, so distill your petition down as short as it can get.

Burn one knob or section of the candle each night for seven straight nights, lighting the candle at about the same time and repeating your petition, always pinching out or snuffing the flame rather than blowing it out. This spell is best begun on a Sunday (day of the sun) or Thursday (day of Jupiter). When the candle is burned down as far as it can safely go, wrap the remnants in cloth and bury them. 

Other uses: Touch your wallet with oil daily, and anoint all the cash in it nightly; use a touch on an inconspicuous spot on your clothing, shoes, or socks, on your resumes before you send them out, or on your own business cards. One traditional use of this oil it to put a touch of Money Drawing on a bay leaf and carry it in your wallet.