Kiss Me Quick

Use a red or pink candle and anoint it from base to wick with the oil. Anoint the candle with the tip towards your body, and the base away from your body. You can mark the candle into three, seven, or nine equal sections and burn it over several nights, or let it burn down in one night. As you light the candle, focus strongly on your intention of attracting your selected partner. For best results, start your working on a Friday, the day of Venus. If you have a photograph of the person in question, you can put that under the candle holder. Another possibility is carving the name of the selected partner into the candle before anointing it. Always snuff or pinch out the candle flame, never blow it out. When the candle is burned as far as it can safely go, run the wick under water to prevent re-lighting. Wrap the candle stub in cloth and bury it respectfully.

Other uses: If a patch test shows no adverse reaction at the current dilution, it’s possible to use Kiss Me Quick as a personal fragrance. You can put a few drops on your pulse points, or rub a tiny amount in your hands and smooth is over your hair. It’s also possible to add this oil into a small amount of unscented moisturizing cream. Just a few drops should do it! Mix it into the cream drop by drop, until you reach the level of scent that you’re looking for, and be sure to store the cream in an opaque, airtight container.