Fortune & Favor

Carve your petition – or even just your name – into each knob of a green seven knob candle and anoint it with Fortune And Favor oil. This can also be done with a standard green taper candle marked into seven equal sections. This oil is most effective when the goal is very focused – choose one long-term goal. Pray or petition your deity or deities to assist you in achieving your goal or completing your project, to assist you with wise planning for the future, and to increase your focus and drive.

Burn one knob or section of the candle each night for seven straight nights, lighting the candle at about the same time and repeating your petition, always pinching out or snuffing the flame rather than blowing it out. This spell is best begun on a Sunday (day of the sun) or Thursday (day of Jupiter). When the candle is burned down as far as it can safely go, wrap the remnants in cloth and bury them. 

Other uses: Anoint the tools you will use for your goal (a pen for writing, etc.) with the oil during the ritual; use a touch on your pulse-points (after a patch test to ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients) before starting your work; incorporate the oil into any rituals you do for money-drawing or success.