Drive Away

According to magical lore, the best time to use this oil is during a waning moon. As the moon decreases in size, so does the influence of that which is unwanted in the life of the user. 

Anoint a purple candle with Drive Away oil, mark the candle into nine even sections, and place the candle on top of a picture or the name of what you intend to drive away. Burn a marked section of the candle for nine nights, focusing strongly on your intended goal as the candle burns. When the candle has burned down to the next mark, snuff or pinch out the flame, do not blow it out. On the last night, move the candle and holder to a fire-safe location and as the last section of the candle burns, feed the picture or name of the object into the flames and ensure that it is completely consumed. Wait until the candle burns itself out, then run the wick under water, and wrap the candle stub with the ashes of your petition in cloth. Bury the bundle in the ground. A black candle can also be used for this purpose, but reserve this color for situations where a very strong message needs to be sent. 

Other suggested uses: Sprinkle some Drive Away on your threshold immediately after the person you would like to eliminate from your life has walked out of the room or house. If you own anything that was given you by that person, anoint it with the oil. If you are trying to drive away something other than a person, choose something that represents that which you would like to drive away and anoint it daily with the oil, focusing strongly on eliminating it from your life.