Crown of Success

According to magical lore, the most effective time to use this oil is during a waxing moon, when the visible part of the moon is growing larger, from a crescent to almost-full.

Suggested use: Carve the word SUCCESS into a yellow or gold unscented candle and anoint it with Crown of Success oil. Pray or petition your deity or deities for success in general or specific endeavors. Burn the candle for a set amount of time each night, always pinching out or snuffing the flame rather than blowing it out. When the candle has burned past the carved word, run the wick under water to ensure that it won’t re-light. Wrap the remnants of the candle in cloth and bury it respectfully. If you have not achieved success in the specific area needed, start again with another candle.

Other suggested uses: touch a small amount of oil to anything you’re sending out into the world that you wish to be successful — a CD, a manuscript, a thesis, a job application, a resume, etc. Apply a dab of Crown of Success oil on a cloth and carry it in your pocket while sitting for an exam or meeting with a superior, or dab it on your belt or shoes.