Note:  the Antares herb added to this mixture is a small amount of yew bark.  YEW IS POISONOUS.  Do not consume this oil, or allow anyone else to do so.  

This mixture is most effective during a waning moon, defined as the time between the day after the full moon and the end of the waning “gibbous,” the period of time in which the visible part of the moon is smaller than that which is not visible. However, as with most banishing oils, this oil can be used at any time during the lunar calendar.  

Suggested ritual to banish a space of unwanted energy, spirits, or hexes: Anoint a small or short black candle with Banishing oil from base to wick, holding the base of the candle towards your body and the wick away from you.  Write out a petition to your deity or deities stating your intention to banish the space, whatever that space may be, internal or external. Anoint each corner of the petition with the Banishing oil. From your petition, create a short mantra for yourself, such as:  “This is a place of safety; I control what enters; anything I did not specifically invite into this space is not welcome and is banished.” Gather together your anointed candle and a dish of blessed salt. Light the candle, and repeat the mantra (while concentrating on your desire that this mantra be TRUE) at each window and threshold of your house, sprinkling a bit of salt at each.  Be sure to walk the entire perimeter of the dwelling. 

Stand at the entrance to your house/apartment, repeat your mantra one last time.  Sprinkle the last of your salt just outside the threshold of your front door, and then snuff the candle.  Leave the salt as long as you can – a full 24 hours is usually long enough.   

Another, simpler option is to mark the candle into seven equal sections and, after placing the candle in a holder on top of the petition you’ve written, burn it for a set amount of time each night.  When the candle is burned almost as far down as it will go, move it to a safe space such as a tub or sink and burn your petition in the candle flame.

To dispose of a candle that has been anointed with Antares Banishing oil, run the wick under water to prevent re-lighting, wrap the candle in cloth, and bury it respectfully.  Should you choose to burn your petition in the flame as the candle gutters, ensure that the ashes of the petition are included in the bundle to be buried or are scattered in running water.  If the banishing is of a space, try to bury the remains of the spell somewhere on the property.